Testing in the mountains

I took a much needed escape from the city and headed into the mountains last week. The French Alps followed by a brief stop in Switzerland. I was testing a couple of things. One being my Splitboard, another seeing if my little Polaroid SX-70 camera can function in the mountains.

The Splitboard was a success. Unfortunately the Polaroids not so. I seem to have found the temperature limits for developing Impossible Project PX70 colour film. Up the mountains it was around -20°C not taking into account wind chill. The films (despite my best efforts) didn't develop properly. Each image being undeveloped with a strong blue cast . I'm sure a return in the warmer March weather will render better results. I did of course still have the trusty iPhone to take a few snaps. 

 chairlifts in the clouds
 cloudy day in the mountains
 fir trees covered in snow
 sunny day in the alps
 setting sun in the alps
 low lying cloud in the swiss alps
 mountain hamlet in the alps
 hot wine
 aerial tower at the summit of mount titlis, switzerland