Families FAQ

Families Frequently Asked Questions

Can you describe your family photoshoots?
We arrange to meet in a beautiful location (multiple location packages are also available) and I capture your family through photography. A mix of formal, posed photographs, however I want to go beyond that. I want to capture the essence of who you are as a family. Kids running wild? Let them run. A temper tantrum? Wait for the storm to pass. To me photographing a family is very much like photographing a wedding in that (especially when children are involved) you never know for sure how things will pan out. That said, whatever happens on the day I'm confident that I can deliver to you a timeless set of photos that will become a cherished family heirloom. 

How much will you pose us during the shoot?
I will subtly pose and direct you throughout, particularly for the formal photos. I will however also encourage you to be yourselves (obviously not hard for small children), capturing those natural moments.

How long do the shoots last?
The majority of my family photoshoots last around one hour. Anything more than that where small children are involved and we're pushing their attention span. If on the day the children are on best behaviour and you'd like to extend the shoot to take in multiple locations then it's no problem. If you feel in advance you would prefer a longer shoot just let me know and I can work out a collection specific to your requirements.

Can you help in finding someone to do my hair and make-up for the shoot?
I work together with some of the best talent in the city and will pass on their contact details if required. There's nothing like being pampered by a hair and make-up artist before your shoot. It helps you both look & feel your best for the photos. Please note that hair & make-up isn't included in my package. This is an additional service and needs to be organised directly with the hair and make-up artist.

Where exactly will we be going for the shoot?
I work within the very centre of the city and generally recommend one of three locations, each giving a distinct but different feel of Paris. We explore each area to provide a varied set of images.

What should we bring along with us?
My advice is do not bring anything with you that you can't afford to loose. Whilst none of my clients have ever had any problems with items going missing on a shoot, like any big city, bags can and do get stolen.

How do we get around?
Mostly walking so I recommend a second, comfortable pair of shoes if the shoot is going above an hour. If you wish to extend the shoot over an hour to incorporate multiple locations we generally grab a taxi. 

What if it rains?
One of my locations is more or less sheltered therefore rain isn't really a problem. In fact, it can add great mood to the photos. I've actually taken some of my favourite family images in less than ideal weather! Be sure to bring a photogenic umbrella if it looks like there may be a chance of rain.

How soon can we see our images?
In the winter months I can sometimes have your images processed and uploaded to your proofing site within 2 weeks of the photoshoot. In summer when I'm also kept busy with weddings delivery is more likely to be 4-6 weeks.

How do you deliver the images and what format are they?
Image delivery is via your private proofing site. The digital images are hi-resolution, non watermarked files for which you have full rights for personal usage (albums, prints, social media etc).

Do you do a lot of photoshop retouching work on your images?
My philosophy is to get everything as perfect as possible in camera. My delivered images are individually processed files that give them the look you see throughout my site. However it's very seldom that I bring an image into photoshop to 'fix' something. If you're looking for heavily photoshopped images then I'm probably not the photographer for you. 

Do you provide colour, b&w images?
I work predominantly in colour with a handful of images in black & white. Occasionally clients ask for me to work solely in black and white which is absolutely no problem. 

Can you offer prints or an album of our shoot?
Yes, I'm a big advocate of having your favorite images beautifully printed. Each session has its own private proofing gallery. From here you can order prints in a variety of sizes. If you require a print at a special size to fit that beautiful old frame you have, just let me know and I'll make it work. The prints are of the highest standard, produced by a professional lab. I also offer stylish boxed, coffee table books for your Paris photos with prices beginning at €120.