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Lilian & Eric

Paris, France

Clients are often concerned that scheduling a photoshoot in Paris at any time other than sunrise will result in their photos being full of unwanted tourists cluttering the background. Whilst it's true that Paris is wonderfully calm at sunrise, allowing us to shoot in certain areas that aren't really accessible during the day, a late afternoon/early evening shoot has its own set of merits. Firstly you don't have to wake up at a ridiculous hour in the morning to begin hair and make-up. Secondly the temperatures are rather warmer in the afternoon, a huge bonus if you're planning on wearing that slinky new robe. Most importantly as you see in this blog post (and the majority of photos throughout my portfolio) afternoon shoots certainly do not mean that your photos are full of random tourists and their selfie sticks. Here's an afternoon photoshoot staring Lilian & Eric. We began exploring the centre of Paris around Ile Saint Louis, finishing at the Eiffel Tower just as the sun went down.