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Weddings Frequently Asked Questions

How many weddings do you shoot per year?
I undertake a maximum of twenty, well organised weddings each year. This ensures that I can take the best care of each and every client I work with.

Can you describe your style of wedding photography?
A mix of photojournalism, editorial and portraiture photography. The majority of the day I work as a photojournalist, that is as discreetly as possible, capturing the day as it happens. I will lightly pose you in certain situations, steer you towards nice light etc. My goal is to capture the essence of your day in the most beautiful way possible. Allowing you to relive the joys and emotions of your wedding each and every time you look through your album.

Do you take posed shots of the family?
Yes I do. I understand that most weddings require a certain number of group photos therefore I dedicate a small amount of time to getting these shots done as efficiently as possible. I would encourage you to have no more than around ten group shots, allowing me to get back to capturing the spirit of your day and genuine moments.

Can you guarantee that you will get shots of all the important guests at our wedding?
As mentioned my goal is to capture your day and tell a story through the images. Most of the major story telling moments happen around the main characters at the event. This is where I focus the majority of my attention, meaning it's not realistic to expect me to get portraits of each & every guest at your wedding. Certain family members and guests become rather elusive and naturally shy away from the camera whilst others will actively ask me to take their photograph. Any guests in particular you don't want to be missed are best to be included in the group shots, or at an appropriate point during the day feel free to ask me to take their photograph.

Would we be able to take a little time away from the wedding to create some portraits?
A series of portraits with the newly wed couple is a great addition to any wedding story. I highly recommend planning at least 30 minutes into your day to allow for these type of photographs. Ideally, if your day allows, sunset is the perfect time to create such images as the light is softer. My goal here is to create images that strengthen the story of your wedding day, some of which I hope will make beautiful framed prints. 

Your website is in English but the majority of people at my wedding will be French. How will you communicate?
My website is in English because I work with many International, English speaking clients. I do however also speak French, therefore communication at predominantly French speaking weddings will not be a problem.

You are based in Paris, do you work further afield?
The majority of larger weddings I photograph take place in Chateaus outside the French capital. From the Loire Valley to the Southern coast. I also work internationally. If you have a wedding taking place outside of France, and feel I would be the prefect fit regarding the photography please contact me so we can discuss travel arrangements.



How soon can we see our images?
Normally I have your images processed and delivered within 4-6 weeks of your wedding. If you order a wedding album you should allow a further 6 weeks for the album design and delivery.

How many final edited images can we expect?
Each wedding is unique so it's hard to state an exact amount. As a rough guide, from a full day wedding it's generally in the region of 500 to 750 final images.

Do you do a lot of photoshop retouching work on your images?
My philosophy is to get everything as perfect as possible in camera. My delivered images are individually processed files that give them the look you see throughout my website. However it's very seldom that I bring an image into photoshop to 'fix' something. If you're looking for heavily photoshopped images then I'm probably not the photographer for you. 

How do you deliver the images and what format are they?
Image delivery is via your private proofing site. The digital images are hi-resolution, non watermarked files for which you have full rights for personal usage (albums, prints, social media etc).

Do you offer prints and wedding albums?
I believe strongly in delivering a final tangible product for your wedding photos. The power of seeing your images in print versus displayed on a screen is incomparable. I would love to present your story in a beautiful album you can pass down to your children. I have a system in place to make the ordering process as fast and simple as possible. Each event, once booked will have its own private proofing site. This will become the central hub for the photography from your event. From here you can share with friends and family, order prints in various sizes as well as choosing your favourite images for the album. The albums I offer are classic, stylish, boxed coffee table books. Available in leather or linen finish, with various colours and sizes. Feel free to ask to see a sample.

So my family & guests will have easy access to the wedding images?
Yes they will. As mentioned above, each event has a private proofing site once booked. You could begin sharing this with guests way before the wedding so everyone knows where and how they can easily access the images. 

How do we book?
Simply use the INQUIRE page to give me a little information about your wedding. The date, location, the size of the wedding party and if you're working with a planner. We will then arrange a Skype or FaceTime call to discuss things in more detail. If practical we can also arrange a date & time in Paris where you can view my work in person. If we're a good fit for one another we exchange contracts,  I take a small retainer and I'll see you on your wedding day!