Chantelle & Ryan. A winter afternoon in Paris.

Chantelle, Ryan & I spent an afternoon wandering Paris taking photographs. It started out a beautiful sunny winters day. En route we stopped for a quick drink & change of outfits in a Parisian Brasserie. After we came out from the warmth of the brasserie it felt like someone had turned the heating off. What had been a mild (for February) afternoon had turned brutally cold.

I was wrapped in snowboarding thermal base layer, thick coat, scarf & gloves. Ryan in a suit and a little sleeveless dress! See that last shot where she's looking like a magazine cover model? With the wind chill I'd put the temperature at around -10ºC on that bridge! Huge respect to Chantelle & Ryan for soldiering on like troopers and making some beautiful photographs in the process.

Thanks also to Céline who helped out with the lighting on what felt like the coldest bridge in Europe.

lovers in the palais royal
old parisian shopping arcade
Paris Theatr
ancient parisian passage

lovers at the louvre
romance in Paris

couple on pont des arts
running through Paris
the eiffel tower garden
The Eiffel Tower by night
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