Portrait - Lilith Moon

Here is the girl behind this extremely popular facebook page. Alongside showing the world how to style their hair she's also a graphic designer. 

Lilith needed some portraits for her blog etc. Googling 'photographers in paris' she happened to stumble across my work.

We began our shoot using the white walls of my apartment, after which we headed to my favourite staircase to make use of some beautiful window light. Finally we headed out to a Parisian brasserie in the heart of the city to finish the shoot with a glass of wine.

For the photo geeks these were mostly shot with my 5D & 85mm lens. The Polaroid at the end is shot with the little SX-70.

beautiful blond hair
beautiful blond girl sat on stairs
amazing blue eyes
girl in parisian brasserie 
polaroid sx-70 portrait

If you need a portrait for your blog, site, social media page etc feel free to give me a shout.

For anyone looking to strengthen their own portrait photography I give lessons during the winter months. Use the contact page to ask for details.