Forty Eight hours in Florence

I met Kami and David last year when they were over in Paris and asked me to take their photos. Fast forward several months and Kami got back in touch. They were heading back to Europe, would be spending some time in Italy and wondered if Id be able to continue the photoshoot, this time in Florence. Another slight difference from the first photoshoot - this time Kami would be six months pregnant. 

Flights  & accommodation were booked & before I knew it I had a couple of days exploring the pretty Tuscan town of Florence. Originally we had planned our shoot in the evening. However on arriving in the city it became clear that if I was able to get shots without a thousand tourists in the background an evening shoot would be out of the question. Florence is bursting with tourists right up until the sun goes down. We quickly planned a new schedule, a morning shoot with 7am kick off. Well worth the early start. We had the city pretty much to ourselves. 

Here are my forty eight hours in Florence. Starring Kami & David.