Looking back on 2015 - A few of my favourite images & why.....

2015 seemed to pass in a blur. Summer was crazy and hot, evenings spent wandering the city, capturing couples in the most beautiful light. Weekends were spent exploring France, heading to stunning locations documenting weddings is always an honour. I've discovered so many areas of France I'd never generally have had the opportunity to visit through my job, and of course my clients. Moments, memories, pretty light, landscapes, even a bull shot on my plastic little Holga - they're all here. Whilst these aren't the most technically perfect, potential award winning images, they do bring back pleasant memories of the year gone by which is why I've chosen to share them.

If there's one thing I remember fondly from this past year (particularly now it's cold, dark and damp) it's the warm summer evenings with the most beautiful light. I spent many of those evenings exploring the city, capturing couples bathed in this golden, late evening sunshine.


Brenda & Joel exchanged vows at the Shangri-La whilst there were black stormy skies and torrential rain outside. After the vows we jumped in the car and set off for a photoshoot around Paris. Arriving at the first location, Pont Bir Hakeim the sun broke through, perfectly lighting the couple with a dark moody sky behind.

The majority of my couples shoots take place in Paris. However occasionally clients ask if it's possible for a series of photos outside the city. For Angel & David I jumped on the train and headed to one of my favourite areas in France to shoot, beautiful Provence. Soft light and a total change of scene and pace to the French capital always makes for beautiful photos.

So 'normally' the weather in Provence is amazing. Lavender fields, long warm summer evenings with perfect light. Except this April! The very day that wedding planners Elegance in France and myself had put together a styled shoot at Le Mas De La Rose. Our model Fanny was freezing cold and wrapped in a blanket in between shoots, which happened in between downpours. You'd never have guessed she was freezing and we were dodging rainstorms, each time she stepped in front on the camera we created some incredibly beautiful images.

Close to Paris but with a totally different feel is Versailles. For summer shoots it can be the perfect compliment to your Paris shoot and timed correctly we can create the illusion that we've the chateau to ourselves. Here are a couple of wide shots with Ariel & Derick proving just that.

On the subject of having places usually packed with tourists all to ourselves here's the Louvre, early morning with Alexandra & Brian.

Speaking of the Louvre it has to be one of my favourite areas in Paris to shoot. So many details, sculptures, and amazing doors. I love to use these elements in my couples photos whenever possible. On the subject of the amazing doors here's Jodi and Kenneth dwarfed by one of them. 

Of course I don't always have Paris to myself. My shots often get photobombed in spectacular fashion :) We did however soon find the perfect, people free Parisian brasserie terrace to enjoy a hot drink to end the shoot.

I can't really mention Paris without mentioning it's most famous, iconic landmark, The Eiffel Tower. Always impressive wether it's the middle of a winters day or a late summers evening when the light begins to fade and the tower illuminates.

Leaving the French capital behind we often get to travel to some beautiful locations for weddings. When shooting a location wedding I like to try when possible to arrive the day before. This allows me to explore the area, scout locations and get some landscape and details photography that adds to the wedding story by giving a sense of location. 

One of my favourite chapters of a wedding day is the getting ready part. There's always so much going on and not just with the bride. I love this little moment between the children at the wedding of Leda & Jean Christophe on the Cote D'azur in France. 

Another great little moment and a great example of two images that work perfectly together. I was concentrating on photographing the bridesmaids unwrap their presents and turned around to see the children watching with equal excitement. 

Your wedding day should be about having one of the best days of your life and Stephanie & Eric certainly did. The champagne began flowing as soon as the day began and never stopped well into the early hours of the next day. We even went hiking through the forest for portraits. My kind of clients :)


These guys knew how to party. The wedding of Kylie and Jordy in the South of France went a little crazy after the sun went down.

Finally a bull we came across in a field whilst location scouting for portrait locations for Stephanie & Eric's wedding day. A pretty friendly bull at that. He allowed me to get my Holga pretty much in his face to grab this portrait for him.

A huge thanks to each and every one of my clients from 2015. You've all helped make it a great year. I've met great people, shared wonderful moments and discovered parts of the world I otherwise wouldn't get to see. Also thanks to the people I work with. From Jerome my second photographer who grants me magical powers to be in two places at once through to the planners, make-up artists, hair stylists and florists who help put together some of the amazing weddings I get to be a part of. 

I'm already looking forward to what 2016 will bring. Hopefully see you then!