Photography Portrait Workshop - Paris - Sunday April 24th 2016

Ian Holmes Photography (that's me) will be hosting a portrait photography workshop in the centre of Paris the afternoon of Sunday April 24th. Aimed pretty much at any photographer (hobbyist / pro) who's looking to improve their portraiture work.

To get the most from this workshop I would recommend either an SLR or Mirrorless camera. Whilst we'll begin with the fundamentals on setting up your camera for portraiture a basic understanding of F-stops (aperture), shutter speed and ISO would be beneficial.

The workshop will take you through the skills and equipment required to help you make beautiful portraits. We'll begin with camera settings, pay particular attention to light and go through some composition techniques all specific to portraiture work. We'll also take a look at equipment and lens choice, I'll be showing you exactly what I use to create the majority of my portrait images, even touching on film (yes it still exists) and how it can be a great help in helping you improve as a photographer.

The workshop will last three hours from 3pm until 6pm. The price is €85. Places are limited to eight so if you're interested in joining or simply require more information please fire me a mail using the contact page here.