Mary & Wesley, Paris, France.

This shoot almost never happened. Mary, the founder & creative director of NOUR JENSEN (credit cards at the ready girls)  & Wesley a professional basket ball player where heading to Dubai from the States. Mary had the idea to have a quick stopover (like 36 hours quick) in Paris and seize the opportunity for a photoshoot. Everything was perfectly planned as usual. Timings for the best light, locations, outfits etc. Then we hit a slight snag......Mary's luggage didn't turn up. 'Not to worry' I said. 'We'll put into action Plan B', (making up Plan B as I went along). We re-scheduled the shoot for the following day and made an appointment at a wonderful shop in Paris who rent out the most beautiful robes. Luckily the next morning at 6am Marys luggage finally arrived. The shoot we had re-scheduled for mid-afternoon (thank you for the beautiful soft light that day) as they were flying off to Dubai early that very evening. Here's a little look at the shoot that almost never happened. I'm so glad it did.

engagement photography paris

And to finish.....analogue Holga goodness:

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