Brooke & Tonys Photoshoot in the French Alps

Brooke & Tony, a fun, adventurous couple from just outside Chicago reached out to me via my Instagram account regarding a photoshoot in the French Alps. They were planning a trip in Europe touring Italy, the South of France, driving up through the Alps before grabbing a flight from Geneva to Dublin. For those that follow me a little on social media you may know that I split my time living between Paris and the Vanoise National Park region of the French Alps. In this rugged, unspoilt region I've been lucky enough to purchase a beautiful, old alpine house. It was my home that formed the base for our photoshoot and from here we headed into the nearby mountains exploring and taking photos. Dense pine forests, open meadows, stunning waterfalls and rugged, barren snow clad peaks were all within relatively easy distance. If this type of adventure resinates with you drop me an email. Imagine a photoshoot with the elegance of Paris, contrasting with the nature of this breathtaking area of France, plus an old alpine home, tastefully refurbished to modern standards as your base. The perfect excuse to travel and explore whilst creating an amazing series of images you'll look back on with fond memories the rest of your lives.