Giselle & Kiko a pre-wedding photshoot in Paris

Giselle & Kiko from Denver Colorado traveled to France scouting for their wedding next year. The day we planned our shoot was extremely windy with heavy, torrential rain, however as luck would have it the exact time we kicked things off the rain politely ceased with the sun even managing to break through a little later into the shoot. Generally I shoot in most weather conditions and contrary to popular belief, cloudy skies, along with the wet streets can be extremely flattering for photos. Couples are often worried that grey skies for their photoshoot will result in flat, dark photographs which couldn't be further from the truth. Cloudy skies can make for extremely soft, flattering light and to prove that point here are some photos of Giselle and Kiko on their pre-wedding photoshoot in Paris. Make-up by the talented Charles Gilman