One of the hardest jobs for any photographer is editing their own work. At times it feels the more you look at a series of images the less you see.

That was certainly the case with the new personal project I'd been working on whilst over in England at Christmas. I'd taken a well needed break away from it, returning today with a clear head, a fresh pair of eyes and the very welcome help of Audrey who's currently assisting me for a few weeks.

Contact sheets were made before settling down with a nice up of tea. Images were laid out on the black viewing table (posh chez moi eh?), shuffled around, shuffled around some more and then some more. The goal - to try and make a coherent series that tells a story. As any photographer knows it not easy and a fresh pair of eyes is extremely welcome. We made great progress. We'll continue with it tomorrow, the day after tomorrow and probably the day after that. At some point the tea may be replaced by a Guinness or a drop of good Scottish Whisky.

This week I have been mostly editing photographs.

Anyone have any editing tips? Mind sharing them by leaving a comment? They'd be extremely welcome.