Introducing BioAppart

I'm an engagement photographer. A wedding photographer. A portrait photographer. An event photographer. Common word, obviously photographer. However you get pigeonholed very quickly once photography becomes your way of making a living. It's inevitable as you really need to specialise and show your work in a particular field in order to attract clients. The majority of my professional work contains people. I enjoy photographing people. Actually I love it and after lots of practice I feel comfortable and confident doing it.

Nevertheless, now and again it's nice to step outside your comfort zone. I did exactly that this summer. Esther who runs BioAppart apartment rentals in Paris stumbled across my photography. I'm happy to say she liked my work. She liked it enough to contact me, asking if I'd be interested in shooting a range of apartments for her companies new website. It sounded like it could be an interesting job as well as something a little different, especially when I found out a little more information about BioAppart.

The apartments are all extremely well situated in the heart of Paris. They're often on the top floors therefore are peaceful as well as having great views over the city. Intelligent design with maximum use of space. And they're eco friendly. Organic floors, walls, paintwork and wood, purified water, even the bedding and bathroom linen is organic!

Now I know Esther is my client and everything but seriously, if you're looking for somewhere to stay during your visit to Paris you should really take a look at the apartments over on the BioAppart website. I'd honestly take one over a city center Hotel any time!