England - The Wild Coast exhibition at the Lemon Tree Hornsea

Just to say a huge thanks to everyone who (despite outrageously cold temperatures) turned up at the Lemon Tree restaurant in Hornsea last night. The place was rammed to bursting.

Thanks to Sarah who owns the Lemon Tree for the use of her restaurant space, catering for guests and generally doing everything possible to ensure all went according to plan. Sarah put me under a little pressure last Tuesday when she called to say 'I think it will be a great idea to expand on the several prints on the wall idea and have a full evening based around the series - what do you think?'

I muttered something like 'uuuurrrmm yeah, maybe' as thoughts of 'how the hell do I pull this off in 3 days?' went through my head. 'Great' said Sarah, 'I'll call the local papers and see if they'd be interested in running stories on it'.

My last 3 days in Paris were hectic to say the least.

But.....we did it. I drove up from Paris to North East Yorkshire last Friday with a van full of prints and French wine.

Talking of wine another big thanks to the girls for keeping everyones glass full. However, not a big thanks for a rather fragile head this morning, although I'll share the blame for that ;)

I had some nice feedback regarding the photos. It was really a pleasure to give a little 'preview exposition' in the area where I'm making the series.

If you couldn't make it to the opening last night there will be prints hanging in the Lemon Tree for a few months. I'm planning on changing them around every so often when I'm back in the area so drop in, sample some great food and check out the photos.

Finally thanks to Dawn, my sister for taking some snaps last night:

 england wild coast exposition

england wild coast exposition

Hornsea Inshore Rescue team with Sarah and myself.

england wild coast exposition