Shooting film

On the recent shoot with Fatoumata I went along with the intention of shooting mainly film. I took my old faithful 30D and a 50mm prime lens to use as a digital polaroid. The camera I was using to capture the main images was my little Lubitel which certainly isn't known for it's optics quality or accurate focusing system. Infact Lubitel roughly translates to 'amateur' in Russian. The camera was cheap, a little rough around the edges and marketed firmly towards the amateur photographer. Some call it a 'toy camera' although it's certainly a step up from my Holga.

Despite it's many shortcomings I adore shooting with it. One of the many things I love about using it is the fact that it s.l.o.w.s me down. It's a medium format camera - 12 images per role of film. Thing's can get expensive, not to mention time consuming if you're shooting several rolls of film to get a couple of nice shots. I remember extremely well photography school, our wonderful studio teacher Hélène screaming at calmly telling everyone to slow down and stop taking images like 'wild beasts' - look before you shoot. Merci Hélène ;-)

Anyway with the Lubitel you have no choice. You must slow down. The whole process takes time and perhaps for those used to shooting solely digital, a little patience.

When it all works out the result can be extremely beautiful. No megapixels or high dynamic ranges, just a scanned negative and a beautiful photograph. And of course an entirely different 'feel' to the digital images. Better or worse? Not sure, but certainly different - would like to hear your opinions.

I'd actually love to shoot a full wedding with the Lubitel. Anyone interested?  If so get in touch. I'm sure we could work something out.