Well, personally I think that's really a shame

 From the BBC website:

'The Pont des Arts has become a Mecca for lovers in Paris, the city of romance.
It is a tradition to leave metal locks there, as a sign of a couple's enduring love for each other.
But local authorities have taken exception to the practice.'

More here.

As many of the engagement couples I photograph know, my strolls through Paris often take in the Pont des Arts. I always point out the padlocks and the story behind them. They had become part of the bridge.

I can't help but feel removing them was a pointless waste of time. Time, effort and money that could have been used in so many other non useless ways.

So how about all the couples I've got booked in for shoots over the next coming months bring a padlock? We could head to the bridge and begin the tradition again.