is a part time model down in Lyon. He was coming up to Paris and asked if I could do a simple, natural portrait for his agency. No fancy hair, make-up or elaborate studio set. Just a nicely lit shot on a basic, grey backdrop.

On meeting Geoffroy 2 things struck me. Beautiful, blue eyes and a great jawline. I wanted to keep the lighting simple but at the same time draw attention to both these features.

I first set up a strobe in a reflective umbrella at a 45 degree angle just above Geoffroy ensuring plenty of light was hitting the eyes. I then used another snooted light behind and to the right. With some careful positioning I was able to just highlight the jawline with a subtle use of that second light.

No fancy, expensive studio or gear. This was shot in the courtyard whilst enjoying a couple of cold beers. It's exactly the type of stuff I'll be teaching in my workshop in August so if you're interested in how to knock out beautifully lit portraits using the minimum of gear head over here and book yourself a place!

Oh, the courtyard studio is open most of the summer when the weather allows, so if you need a nice portrait, be it for your agency, CV, social networking site, whatever, just give me a shout here.