Gemma came round to the courtyard yesterday. She's an alternative model with some really beautiful work in her portfolio - you can check it out here (WARNING NSFW)!

She came over wanting some headshots, arriving with 3 simple outfits, some very light make-up and great red hair! On seeing her hair I instantly knew my backdrop. I decided on an old red velvet curtain that's been living in my van to protect the bikes when traveling - why spend money on those horrible 1980's style studio backdrops when you've probably something way better laid around the house - or the back of the van.

Lighting on the first photo was a softbox with a red gelled light directly behind Gemma pointing into her hair. Apart from my main lights generally sporting a 25% orange gel to warm the skin a little I don't usually work with coloured gels. This was a little experimental for me and I rather liked the result.

Lighting on this one was as per the above photo with the back light turned to fire directly into the curtain.

Expect to see some more of Gemma in the future. We're planning an urban shoot somewhere in the city this summer.