Hi, Ian.
It was such an absolute pleasure meeting you. Since we have returned, we have enjoyed sharing the story of my birthday night with so many of our friends and family. You really played a significant role making our time on the last night of our trip as wonderful as it was.... the "proof" evidenced in your work simply says more than I can express or explain to anyone.

The photographs of our evening (that you emailed to us so promptly!) are extraordinary... I had every single one printed out! 

It was such an unexpected surprise from Stephen and you captured how we feel together as well as the beautiful city surrounding us...  Each one of the prints makes me smile, some make me laugh out loud and several bring me to (very happy) tears because they are so magical.  This is a gift that truly means so much to me now -and always.

I have so many favorites.. alot of them are very candid with gorgeous backdrops that do not even look real, however "the one" that went into the frame is 6019-61.  To me, it is the quintessential, lovely street (down to the detail on the lamp posts) and just very "us".
All the ones in bar are fantastic and such a contrast to the big, open spaces of the other pictures.  

Again, thank you for everything. When you visit the States next, please let us know. We would enjoy hosting you in "our city"!
Best regards

Wow, some great shots! Thank you so much. We are having a tough time narrowing it down to the one for the frame, may have to buy her an album.

Hi Ian. 
We finally got a chance to get on a computer and download the photos yesterday. 
WOW, they look amazing.
Thank you so much for doing such a wonderful job of helping us capture our special moment.  
I will not hesitate to recomend you to anyone i know that is looking for photography services in France.
Thanks again,
Jonah and Sara
Wow!! You did an amazing job!! we are soooo glad!

Hi Ian
Thanks for all the great work that you have done for us!   We love the pictures! 
I will pass on some good words about you to my friends travelling to Paris!

Photos are spectacular Ian. Awesome job!
We will be taking back great memories.
We most definitely will keep you in mind for the wedding!
Take care.