iPhone Photography

I picked up a new iPhone the other month. I never thought I'd enjoy using the phones camera so much. Just shooting random stuff for nothing more than my own amusement. No real idea what I'll do with all the images. I've put up a new set on my flickr page which is where I'm uploading them to from time to time. Perhaps I'll self publish a book of random snapshots when I get the chance.

I use a few of the apps from the online apple store to process the images on the phone. I've listed the ones I use below. Not an exhaustive list by any means, but these are the ones I've downloaded and had a play with. I'm really loving how the apps can give the images a very lo-fi 'lomo' look. They remind me very much of the photos my Holga produces but with the instant gratification that is digital. Particularly useful seen as though my local lab who processed my film has just closed down :-(

I'd be interested in other apps people are using - drop me a comment!

'The Best Camera App' from Chase Jarvis
'Photoshop Express' from Adobe
'Hipstamatic' from some cool dudes
'CameraBag' from Nevercenter 
'ShakeItPhoto' from another cool dude 

Here's a few random shots taken over the last couple of days: