Alanna & Matt. A romantic anniversary in Paris

Happy New Year!

I've high hopes that 2011's going to be a great, exciting year. Some big plans regarding my photography business which I hope to be able to announce later in the year.

2010 certainly went out with a bang. A last minute exposition over in England followed by 6 consecutive days of shooting in Paris. I'm planning on having my Christmas break mid January.....maybe.

I had the pleasure to meet Alanna & Matt a couple of days ago. They were over in Paris for a few days celebrating their anniversary and bringing in the new year. Truly wonderful, friendly couple. I really seem to meet so many great people with my job it's amazing.

We took a beautiful, winter walk around Paris. There's something very romantic about the city in winter. The damp overcast days give the city a certain charm and the cloud coverage makes for really nice soft, diffused light. A giant softbox in the sky. We ended the photoshoot in front of the fire at Café Laurent where Alanna treated herself to the most incredibly chocolaty, hot chocolate ever. Matt & myself grabbed a couple of beers to re-hydrate after a fair few kilometres of walking. Afterwards we parted company, leaving them to indulge in the Café Laurents famous cocktails. Hope you guys managed to find the way back to your hotel afterwards ;)

Alanna & Matt had read about the padlocks on the Pont Des Arts and came prepared with one of their own.

Hanging out at Serge Gainsbourg's house in Saint-Germain

And seen as though we made use of his wall for the photoshoot I feel it's only fair to feature a little clip of Serge himself, along with the beautiful Jane Birkin