Portrait workshops on the streets of Paris

Each Sunday I teach portrait photography in Paris.

We begin by going through the basic camera settings for portrait work. We then move onto lighting, basically how to get the most from natural light. After lighting comes location and how to get the maximum number of photo opportunities from a single area. Finally tips on working with your subject.

With the theory out of the way we move onto little assignments.

Today one of these was to create a totally black backdrop with the subject well exposed. Natural light only. One reflector - I'm too kind ;)

Camille who was taking the class kindly agreed to model for me whilst I quickly illustrated what I wanted using the photos below.

If you're interested in learning about getting more from your camera / photography head over to Paris Photo Sessions and see what courses we offer.

If you're looking to push your portrait photography even further using off camera lighting check out my 2 day summer workshops at www.photographyworkshopsparis.com

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