Thea, Franco & Lucas in Paris

Jessica got in touch asking if I could take some portraits of the family in Paris, particularly in some of the areas where I shoot my engagements.

We met in the Palais Royale then set out on a little  photographic adventure. We took in the gardens of the Palais, an ancient shopping arcade, the Louvre, then the quayside of the Seine. Finishing off with the best hot chocolate in the city (possibly the world) at Café Angelina. The café stop with its ice cream and hot chocolate was also used as bribes throughout the shoot to ensure that Lucas was on best behaviour. It worked. Sort of. Most of the time :)

I must also give out a shout of thanks to one of my old photography teachers and director of Spéos Photographic Institute, Pierre-Yves. On asking how Jessica found out about me we traced the trail back to Spéos and Pierre-Yves. He recieved an email from someone of behalf of Jessica and recommended they get in touch with me. Describing me as 'super serious'. I'm not sure how I feel about being described as 'super serious'. It's not a phrase anyone has used to describe me before before but I know he meant well. Thanks PY!