Hello Ian - 'I just wanted to write to tell you thank you for the AMAZING pictures that you gave us. I knew that we would get good pictures, had no idea they would be like something out of a magazine. I have had countless people call me telling me that they had to hold back tears because they told such a great story and for that I THANK YOU!'
Jenaye & Jesse

Hi Ian,

The photos are absolutely breathtaking. Each and every one of them. We want to thank you so much for vision and hard work. Your photos will go on to be among our most valuable and loved posessions for hopefully many many years to come. We are genuinely pleased to have met you Ian. Thank you.

Altay & Melisa

Hey Ian,
what a lovely surprise to see your email this morning!!! It's a cool start for our first day back at work amid our jetlag ;-)
You are amazing!!! I love the photos... they are so natural and we are definitely lucky to have you as our photographer!  

Also a special thank-you to you for getting down to the ground (which made your pants all dusty) when you shot our second last photo on your blog.  It's truly amazing photo, especially how busy the place was and yet it turned out to be such a clean shot.  And we love the sunset photo too… thanks again for capturing those special moments.

Thanks so very much!

Clara & Paul

Hello Ian.
Hope you are well.  Thanks for sending the photos, they are wonderful. Both Juee and I were very happy and excited to see them. They will continue to be an important part of the memories we have brought back from our trip.

We got back from our trip late yesterday evening and were finally able to see the photos. Also, thanks for the mention in your blog ‘behind the scenes’.

Thanks again for your time and for the beautiful memories you have helped capture through your lens.

Mayur & Juee