Christine & Matthieu's Paris wedding

Matthieu, je t'ai promis que tu serais sur mon blog sans avoir à te jeter nu dans la seine ;-)

Christine & Matthieu are good friends of Nancy over at Fête in France so when Nancy asked if I could cover their Paris wedding I was only too happy.

Catherine and I went over to the beautiful apartment in the Marais to cover the preparations. Once everyone was set we had a walk to the Marie of the 4em arrondisement in Paris where the ceremony was to take place.

After the ceremony Christine, Matthieu and I took a stroll along the quayside and over to Ile St Louise for what is arguably the best ice cream in Paris - Berthilon Ice Cream. I recommend any ice cream lovers coming over to France to check it out.

Finally, after our walk, ice cream and a dance on the bridge linking Ile St Louise with Ile de la Cité we arrived back at the apartment for champagne and great food.