Chasing Winter

I'm a huge advocate of personal work. Back in photography school I clearly remember being told, time and time again the importance of having a personal project running alongside the paid gigs.

Personal work lets you step outside your comfort zone. Experiment in safety. No client expectations. No deadlines. No pressure. It keeps my passion for photography alive. My personal work lets me grow as a photogapher and express myself through my images. 

During the summer months, when weddings, romantic portraiture and teaching keeps me busy 7 days a week, fitting in a personal project becomes a little tricky. However in the depths of winter I can usually devote some time taking images to please no one other than myself.

I try to spend a fair amount of time in the mountains over winter. It makes an ideal contrast and escape from the hectic pace of city life. I always carry my camera with me. Taking images of random things, scenes, landscapes, people. 

I'm shooting the main images (at least for now) on a Lubitel. An old medium format film camera. However I'm also shooting digitial, in that I'm using my trusty iPhone as a digital polaroid before I commit an image to film.

The whole thing is very much work in progress. Lots of running to the lab, scanning, editing involved. Also of course time spent in the mountains. A great change of pace from my usual photography.

For a taste of whats to come here are a few iPhone snapshots fresh from my latest trip. They were taken in various areas of the French alps but all rather close to the beautiful village of La Grave where I set up camp for a few days.

More to follow.....