Malaïka & Stephane, on the beach. Normandy France.

After their wedding in Switzerland Malaïka & Stephane wanted to finish the story with something a little different. We discussed a Paris shoot and I mentioned heading off to Normandy for a beach shoot. Malaïka & Stephane thought the beach could be a cool idea. They arrived early one morning in Paris on the train and away we headed to the beach.

We arrived to dramtically changing weather. Sun, rain, hail and winds that ripped up our umbrellas and almost blew us back to Paris. These images were shot within about a 1.5 hour time period. I don't think I've ever seen such diverse lighting conditions in such a short space of time. The mood changed with every passing minute.

The majority of the shoot was digital, however I did attempt to use the Mamiya to fire off some polaroids. Conditions were rather challenging for shooting film, with the wind actually peeling the backs from the polaroids the second they left the camera. 

Thanks to Malaïka & Stephane for being totally up for such a shoot, despite the less than ideal conditions and also to Jeffrey for helping out with everything. Finally thanks to Michel Perricourt who took an interest in what we were doing and sent me the final 'behind the scenes' photo.