Back from the mountains

and possibly the last blog post showing my personal work for some time. I'll still be commenting (tweeting?) on twitter and posting my everyday iphone snapshots on instagram. The blog however, is about to become dominated by my professional work as the main season for weddings and romantic portraiture is about to kick off in earnest.

I'm extremly lucky to have some stunning weddings booked for 2012. Looking forward to showing them here on the blog. I'm booked in about every corner of France this year with a few jobs abroad. It's going to be a hectic but exciting next few months.

Meanwhile I've been busy getting the Lubitel negatives developed, scanned and cleaned for my 'Chasing Winter' project. The lonely figure that appears in a handful of these images is my friend Sam Morris. Sam runs Bike Village Holidays in the summer so is extremly knowlegable about this area of the French Alps. This knowledge helped us get out into the backcountry well away from the beaten track.

Onto some photos:

Cresting the final ridge, arriving at our mountain refuge just as the last light of the sun dips behind the mountains.

A 5:30am start just before the sun comes up.

Slowly making our way to the peak where we get to ride some beautiful powder.

Heading over to the Bellecôte glacier in the retro bubbles.

Old frontier houses on what was once the France / Italy border.

Dropping into Italy on the St Bernard Pass.  

High winds and blazing sunshine.

Tibetan prayer flags high above Saint-Foy.

Crystal Dark. One of the more easily accessible off piste routes in Saint-Foy. The peak of Mont Blanc in the background. The highest point in Europe. 

Hiking out the valley.

Sunset in the Savoie.

An extremly early start. The sun just beginning to light our destination.