Rita & Giuseppe marry in Rome

I first met Rita & Giuseppe on a freezing cold day in Paris, December 2010. They got in touch from Miami asking if we could make a series of portraits in the French capital. We braved the cold and made it through a freezing shoot having some great fun in the process. We drank hot chocolate to prevent frost bite. I got hit by a crazy woman. We laughed. She raged. All in a days work on the streets of Paris.

Fast forward to late last year and Giuseppe gave me a call saying they would love me to be the photographer for their wedding. In Rome! We sorted the details over a couple of Skype calls. Flights were booked. Hotel reservations made. 

Here's the beautiful wedding of Rita & Giuseppe set against the stunning backdrop that is Rome.

A huge thanks to Rita & Giuseppe for iniviting me to Italy to be a part of their special day. Thanks to Catherine who was the second photographer, allowing 'Ian Holmess Photography' to be in two places at the same time. Also thanks to Distinctive Italy Weddings for their help organising things and ensuring the day ran smoothly.

Finally I'd like to give a mention to a charity ran by Rita and Giuseppe. Rather than try and explain I'll let Rita & Guiseppe do a way better job here.